Requirements for data set submission to OpenfMRI:

  • The data when uploaded must include raw and unprocessed data (which could be optionally accompanied with preprocessed data). Researchers who wish to only share statistical brain maps (single subject or group level) should use instead.
  • The dataset must include some form of brain imaging data. All forms of MRI data are accepted including structural, functional, and diffusion MRI. Electrophysiological data will be accepted if they accompany a MRI dataset.
  • All data must be deidentified prior to submission, with no links from the dataset to the individuals who were imaged. Tools that can do this include pydeface and DeID
  • All submitted datasets need to be organized according to the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) standard. Please validate your dataset before submission using the in-browser validator (requires Chrome browser, also available as a command line tool)

    Please note that if you upload structural images without the face removed, you are likely in violation of HIPAA regulations, which require removal of identifying features in order to consider the data to be deidentified.

Our data curation team will work with you to accurately validate the completeness of your submission and the quality of the metadata to make the dataset easy to reuse thus improving the impact of your contribution. The time required by our curation team to process submission depends on current workload, complexity of the dataset, quality of the metadata as well as responsiveness of the submitters. However, the curation process takes at least one week. Please take this into consideration when submitting a dataset especially if it is as part of a data paper submission.

If you would like to submit a dataset or have any questions regarding submission process please email us at