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Neural Processing of Emotional Musical and Nonmusical Stimuli in Depression

The present dataset uses functional MRI and an validated emotional music and nonmusical auditory paradigm (Lepping, et al., 2015) to examine how neural processing of emotionally provocative auditory stimuli is altered in depression.  Nineteen individuals with depression (MDD) and 20 never-depressed control participants (ND) listened to positive and negative emotional musical and nonmusical stimuli during fMRI scanning. ND participants had no history of depression or other psychiatric disorder, determined by administration of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM Disorders, non-patient version (SCID-I/NP) (First, 2002).  Participants in the MDD group were all experiencing a current depressive episode at the time of scanning, determined by screening for research purposes using the SCID-I/NP.  Participants had no current or past manic episodes, no comorbid anxiety disorders, and no current alcohol abuse or dependence, and were not taking medication for depression at the time of the study.


001 music comprehension/production


  • Cary R. Savage
  • W. Kyle Simmons
  • Rick E. Ingram
  • Alicia A. Clair
  • Laura E. Martin
  • Evangelia Chrysikou
  • Ruth Ann Atchley
  • Rebecca J. Lepping

Acknowledgements and Funding:

The authors wish to acknowledge Trisha Patrician and Natalie Stroupe for their assistance with screening of participants, and Allan Schmitt and Franklin Hunsinger for their role in collecting the MR data.

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Development of a validated emotionally provocative musical stimulus set for research

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Siemens Skyra 3T



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